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NFT Game

MotoDEX is a Blockchain Game, in which users participate in motorcycle races, develop their riders and improve high-speed tracks.

How to Make Money on MotoDEX?

The main task in motoDEX is to get to the finish line with a minimum amount of time. NFT earnings are as follows:


● Characters are released on smart contracts and are classic NFT. Anyone can buy or sell their game avatar. Players can buy and sell any number of characters. Each new purchase you make increases the value of the NFT object by 1%. 
● Character owners receive a share of the bets played in the competition.


● Tracks are produced in a limited edition of 99 pieces. They are sold on a smart contract. Each new sale increases its price by 10%. Right now, players have access to tracks with a background of such world famous locations.
● Track owners receive income from tournaments on their tracks.

 Health Capsules

● Used to replenish the lives of the player. Capsules add lives. 
● The price of items increases by 0.1% after each new sale.



Project roadmap


PrototypingQ1-Q2 2022

Working on the game idea and description. Launch of NFT sales contracts, integration of sales with OpenBiSea marketplace


Beta versionQ3-Q4 2022

Launch Mainnet Beta. Start building partnerships with chains


Launching on WebQ1-Q2 2023

Release of the first version MotoDEX in Web. Start of marketing campaigns with partners


Launching on StoresQ3-Q4 2023

Release of MotoDEX on App Store and Google Play. Getting started
App marketing and promotion.


On Chain partnerships
Q1-Q2 2024

Release game on 10+ Chains. Expanding the network of partners and marketing


MotoDEX 2.0 VersionQ3-Q4 2024

Release of a new and improved 2.0 version of the MotoDEX.
International media and marketing campaigns and partnerships

Meet the Team


Oleksii Vinogradov

25 years of experience

Serial entrepreneur and investor with twenty-five years of experience. Founder of CFC, Heartln Inc. President/Owner of IXC Softswitch.


Oleg Bondar

10 years of experience

Chief Executive Officer with 12+ years of experience in the position CEO company for the development of retail stores of various world brands.

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  • How to buy MotoDEX NFT?

    Please download App on App Store or Google play and there make a purchase easy by Pay.Also you can buy follow the link: https://app.openbisea.com/metaverse

  • Where can I play demo of the game?

    You can download the game in the AppStore, Google Play or play Web version. 
    🎮Play game for Web: https://motodex.openbisea.com📱Play game for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.OpenBiSeaStudios.MotoDEX📱Play game for IOS: https://apps.apple.com/ua/app/motodex/id6464370998?

  • Where can I communicate with the game community?

    The MotoDEX has a very active telegram community. Follow the link and get in touch: https://t.me/openbisea_en

  • Can I start play for free?

    Yes, for start for free you should get App and play in free track. You can start playing absolutely free, while earning 50 bonuses for each run. After a few races, you can buy your own character and participate in real races! You can also buy or unlock tracks with real cities in the game: Dubai, London, Pisa, Islamabad, Beijing and others.

  • How can I earn now?

    By buying NFTs, they increase in price. For Avatars: Each new purchase you make increases the value of the NFT object by 1%. For Tracks: each new sale increases its price by 10%. And for Health Capsules: price of items increases by 0.1% after each new sale. Also you can buy and resell any NFT on OpenBISea Marketplace.

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