How we became a Top 3 project worldwide: Our journey unveiled

How we became a Top 3 project worldwide: Our journey unveiled

In the dynamic world of blockchain gaming, achieving a Top 3 position worldwide is a remarkable feat. Today, we proudly share the story of our journey to success as our game has soared to the top echelons of the industry, landing the prestigious title of Top 3 project on DappRadar.

Listed on DappRadar: April 24, 2023

Our ascent to the Top 3 began when we were listed on DappRadar on April 24, 2023. Since that pivotal moment, our game has witnessed unprecedented growth and acclaim, becoming a force to be reckoned with in the blockchain gaming community.

A Winning Team: Expanding Our Horizons

One key ingredient in our recipe for success has been the expansion of our marketing team. Recognizing the importance of a robust strategy, we brought on board experts in various domains – SMO, content specialist, ASO specialist, marketer, business development manager, and influencers. Together, this formidable team has played a crucial role in propelling our game to the forefront of the blockchain gaming scene.

The Strategic Approach: What We Did to Reach the Top

1. ASO Promotion: We invested heavily in store marketing, ensuring that our game caught the attention of potential players in app stores, creating a compelling presence on platforms like the AppStore and Google Play.

2. Blockchain Partnerships: Collaborating with major blockchain platforms has been instrumental in expanding our reach. We forged partnerships that not only added credibility but also introduced our game to a wider audience.

3. Cross-Marketing Campaigns: Teaming up with other successful blockchain projects allowed us to tap into their user base, creating cross-marketing campaigns that benefited all parties involved.

4. NFT Sales Collaborations: We delved into the world of NFTs, organizing joint campaigns and sales events to leverage the growing interest in non-fungible tokens within the gaming community.

5. Influencer Advertising: Harnessing the power of influencers, we strategically placed our game in the spotlight through influencer marketing, amplifying our visibility among their dedicated followers.

6. Galxe Campaigns: Leveraging platforms like Galxe, we ran targeted campaigns to ensure our game reached the right audience, further enhancing its popularity.

7. Collaborations with Other Games: Joining forces with other successful games facilitated mutual growth. Through cooperative efforts, we expanded our player base and solidified our presence in the gaming community.

8. Social Media Domination: Our active engagement on social media, particularly Twitter, played a pivotal role. Regular updates, engaging content, and community interactions helped us build a strong and supportive player community.

9. AMAs, Giveaways, and Contests: We embraced various community-building activities, including Ask Me Anything (AMAs), giveaways, and contests, fostering a sense of belonging among our players.

This comprehensive approach is just a glimpse of the multifaceted strategy that propelled our game to the Top 3 position worldwide. We are immensely proud of the results achieved and look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and success in the ever-evolving world of blockchain gaming. Thank you to our dedicated community for being a part of this exhilarating ride!